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Monday, June 16, 2008


She doesn't want to talk to me
Does she mad on me?
She doesn't even want to open her eyes
Is she don't want me to ask her 'ahma~!!!Do I look pretty today?'
Like I used to ask her before I left home everytime
She will definitely answered me 'Sure la sure la you r my grand daugther'
with laughter and kissed me
She touched my face
She hold my hand
Does she miss me?
Does she knows im just beside her?
She might be tired to see so many of us
She still trying hard to give us reaction


ah du said...

babe,i believe that she will get soon well,and will answer you "sure la sure la,you are my grand daughter.."and kiss u again..
god will bless her..

shella said...

i'm sorry to hear that, is ur grandma alright now?
i hope she'll get well soon.
it's really touching to know that u're such close with ur grandma.
Take care too...


单单 said...

thx for concern girl shella,and du..
she is at home now
taking her phsyso therapy everyday...yet she cant talk