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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Just cant stop laughing when she is talking to us
She is just so cute
She is just so concern to anyone of us
She always be the one who giving me pocket money when I get back to hometown
She always be the one who talk so much with lotsa cares


A call today from my dad
He inform me all the detail of the situation

She currently lying on the bed in Island hospital in Penang
She's staying with me since I am in this world
She done her lunch today and taking pills like usual
She standing in front of the cabinet and lingering for so long
my maid was curious about her moves
she was almost falling on the ground
luckily my maid was beside her n holding her n scream
she was fainted
and my dad sending her to the hospital
on the way my dad was keep on calling her
keep her awake
but she seems like no respond at all
my dad was so panic
Can feel how much she mean to us
Its like once u going to lose something or someone in a sudden
Started panic with What can i do?What should i do?
Cant imagine how much I wan to be with her now
I want to talk to her beside her rolling chair
I want to make her laugh
I want to hug her
I want to show her I'm really a tough girl
I want to show her my future

I'm sitting alone with my mind blank
I just cant stop my tears now with no reason
Please don't make her suffering from sick
Hope she will recover soon
My dearest grandma

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mandy said...

ah ma will be fine!!!!!