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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Durian worm

Conversation sharing:-

D :Don't you feel durian its so disgusting?
P :No I love it I am gonna have it after i get back to Penang
D :When i was kid i saw a worm in the durian its almost eaten by me
P :-_-lll You are just too lucky
D :No its look sooooooo disgusting Lemme show you~You gonna feel what i felt

(he draw the worm below)
(After i received)
P :wow...Its so cute the worm
D :No u can't imagine when it close to ur mouth n nearly bite
P :Dont worry i present you something wait !!
P :Chiang chiang chiang~~~~~~
D :Thank you~~
P :The worm really sooo cute....
D :-_-lll
P :Im gonna paste this to my display picture
D :Why paste bitch?
P :To remind you the phobia muahahaha=p
D :Well i could just turn off your display picture
P : shut up !@#$%^&*@#$#$%$#@!@

It dead~~!!It will be killed~

Darius be brave durian is delicious~!!

*****Story END*****

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