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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you remember?

Passport to the soul


Ex roommate

Stayed late night for future career

My last time with Philo..si indon ni miss you soo much

Those silliness

Those gathering

Those crazy one~~!!!

Those Laughter

Surprise birthday for him guess who?

Her short term modeling career in SML LOL

Bitchy one

Old friends Good luck in L.A

Best companion~!!!

Huh~Charlie don kill me~~!!

You too dont kill me~~!!

Best friend


ha ha ha~!!

'diao yen' section~!

Do you still remember?first met

Friends playing important roles in our life
They rock my world
They caring of my mood
They be my best companions
They are crazy,lovely,funny,funky,Insane,optimistic,innocent,pure,my soul and bitches~!!!
MUAH Love you guys much~!!

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du said...

love you ya my fren...friend forever..