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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Into the mirror I peered this morning, but my eyes could only see,

Not the reflection that was there, but what once was me:
A young girl whose face had no crow’s feet or lines;
Embracing hopes for a bright future of a grand design;
A smile that had not yet known heartbreak’s painful sting;
Green eyes that twinkled with childish mischief and daring;
Locks of darkest brown, extremely thick and difficult to brush;
Glowing cheeks that were easily enticed to a rosy blush;
Alabaster colored skin, velvety soft and silken smooth,
And full sensitive lips, yearning with kisses to tempt and soothe.
All manner of hopes and dreams were plainly written on that young face,
But time has changed it with events no vanishing cream can erase.
Into the mirror I peered once again, but this time the reflection was clear;
The young woman’s face of years ago had changed, was no longer here.
Worry worked its black magic, creating countless lines that deeply creased;
Many of the youthful dreams unfilled, so the anticipatory look ceased;
The smile is slighter, shy and timid from heartbreak’s painful stings;
Salty tears have left marks from the most painful parts of daily living;
Eyes, still mischievous, now peek from behind oval spectacles;
Secretly hiding away from modern life’s pains and cruel prickles;
Gray and all too quickly thinning of those once curly locks;
My hair now requires dye from a store, manmade color from a box;
Lips that have tempted and soothed but still yearn for more;
Cheeks that continue to blush, but less frequently than before;
And the drying alabaster skin that whispers of life’s battles.
All the changes that are here to stay speak in unsaid tattles
Of a face that has known despair and joy, known laughter and tears,
Now clearly reflecting a woman who has lived life for all her years.
But behind the face I now have, hiding beneath aged skin, that young girl still thrives,
For my youthful spirit lives within, and despite age, the young girl survives.

well..this is probably not my writing~~haha..its from an old folk
no reason why..recently i love to listen to old folks..
they are so real as kids but not as innocent as kids..
its that cause we are middle between kids and old folks
that's y we lost our realness and innocence?
when we born we got innocence and when we old what we left just surface happiness?
For me...
their smile more peaceful than whomever
their words more meaningful to whomever
their wrinkles telling people stories that they had went through
everything is keep on changing older and older every single minute
only we create our memories newer and newer in our mind
everyone might know the way to work hard for their own future
when meet failure we try to hide ourself from real life
However we only can stand up and get back to the track...

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shiro said...

i like the feeling you gave me
natural and cute
hug :)