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Thursday, April 19, 2007


im stupid im foolish i was lied to myself~~
haha..mariah carey v belong together~~!!
u r right towards ur words...should say thanks to ur words..i only realize im nothing...im really nth..
everyday ppl asking 'how r u?wat's the real answer hide behind im fine...who cares u r not really fine?!who cares u r weak?this is life peg~~i cried~~like a baby~~but who cares?!ppl only will proof ur strengh and look down ur weakness even though they r the same~~even worse..im wasting my time...i always gv myself thousand excuse towards my future my life my parents my friends...ppl im not tat good as u see~~haha..who m i~~!!but this is life...and guess wat i will fight wt it~~somedays u will regret~~~c****i...hahaha~~!!

super donkey powerful


liang liang said...

baby are u all right? dont be like dat ok??

anything pls find me i am always beside u


Anonymous said...

l love u more than what i can say..
take care my dear...