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Thursday, April 19, 2007

back to 05 , 06

peg**^^**gie life while 05 n 06 remixxxx~~~~!!(lazy to arrange)haha so called remix~~!!
feel it even tough u cant touch it~~wahaha..

feeling happiness of sunshine~~
school days~~
AND HE wore tis to school~~haha

v like pocky


ser n peg multiculture k box

let's be craziee

hua ci?!

my babies happy TO HV u guys~~!

donkey style?!

1st met wt donkey^^
and v like to~~

miss peggie~~!!
miss keith and peg..miss u~~
when she alone and hvnt remove make up~~snap snap snap~~

santa can u hear me~~~~
im looks ugly but meaningful pic 251206
feel the crowded~~

big big smile~~

my 19th birthday~~!!thanks ser,phil and cel~~!!
wish to be beautiful and more beautiful~~!!wahaha 061106

crazieee in sg~~!!miss ya hiroki,colin,keith,kainen,des and bla bla bla bla~~~
beloved pie ever^^

sing sing sing~~!!
ahhh hhuh~~~!!
lolli lolli pop pop pop~~
club club club~~!!

my strawberry~~sob sob
lunch time always on dinner time~~haha
ron and peg
jln gurney 2~~!!
meaningful kfc ever
and then she lost
peg's mummy~love her smile...miss u so much~~
auntie celest,peg and bao~~

always b HAPPY peg~~

gotta uploads for 07 oh~~~!!be paaatiiennnttttt...muackxxx**^^**

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