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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japan trip 09

We are on board departing to Narita ,Jpn

This is what will happen when we couldnt fall asleep in this long long night.

This is the cozy hotel we stayed for a week
Washington Hotel

and then we walk keep walking.....

Wasabi de suka?
don judge me this is what i know hee

our first meal after long flight

arent they delicious?

Ramien-i missed it soooooo much omg

sashimi and sushi sake for dinner

The strawberries I love the most!!!!!Look at the price?
make me so desperate for it

Maki san and Peggie san

Finally Winson has different pose-_-

The exhibition is all about man made Crystals.Impressive one

Roppongi is a place full of art sense ,there is some art exhibition and museums around

Roppongi hills


Gone thru the peoples to the train station everyday

Our everyday breakfast

shy shy Obasan

Rei Men is the largest temple I had ever seen

To drink?to wash?whatever we did all
kia su!!

shhhh im so serious to make many wishes
kia su*2

I kissed a girl and I liked it=p

Look like Venice?
I hope so

Everyone will be in this 5yrs old wonderland
everything is just so adorable see three of us losing control
catch back to our long lost childhood


They are our translators cute one :)


Omote-sando hills

Shoes of the day Thanks the vietnamese designer:)

Pablo from Philippine ,Winson our glory from Malaysia and Lenny from Indonesia and lil Peg from her mum tummy=p

Arigatou :)
Den wa pang go wa?

I MISS TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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