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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebration beginning of the year

HAPPY Birthday to my prince and princess:)
I know u guy waiting for soo long=p

The incredible wondermilk's cupcakes


Michelle loves it=p

Look at the innocent laugther

The prince and princess
looks like an engagement party?
straight couple=p

Happy birthday to Tammy:)
we missed you

She looks so different when she in dress=p

Gathering with penang's babes

Guess what all of the food below IM THE CHEF

It's not only looks good it taste good too I swear hahaha

After this

Mummy 21st birthday
muahaha she sked me to keep her age as a secret=p

After long long time never get so close with them the hug was just so warm ever!!

Love you both MUM n DADhaha guess what?

The staff from TGI FRiday asking the birthday lady
to sing with a ketchup bottle mic
It was really freak up

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