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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NEW POST~!~!!!!!!welcome to my 2008

Guess what?

edm n dan dan

the show

Surprised I met him Jimmie my junior in High school.
Glad to hear you even we nvr talk before=p
Winson n Me

On the stage with their cat walk they are gorgeous

and so we are~~!!gorgeous 1,2,3 =p

ignore my face

oopss Its not a good angle for me~


Mifa launching night~there are almost 50designers launching their collection and ppl our there getting drunk~

Hair stylist Alex

Charlie Wenting and me
Raffles graduation ceremony

Well, I'm sorry for the late post of my blog...omg its almost 4months
Let's see what going on with me

My design

The show and the people

spot the yellow~!!!!!!!

1 comment:

mandy said...

wei edmund wear skinny jeans so glam la wei! hahahaha and i like the yellow dress tat tie at d back!!!! lemme try it on la bitch!!! *muaks*~!