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Friday, October 12, 2007

who let the dogs out??

Today was my 7th day stay in Penang~n I went to Queensbay mall this afternoon..which is the biggest mall in Penang~well its look hopeful for Penang btw....those lala bitches who working in those lala brand store announced hopeless for the world~stop creating harajuku by urself its really look sucks on u~!!!u will nvr look like those Japaneses in harajuku~I can't imagine those ugly words from those seafood's mouth is really works..Shut up bitch~~mirror urself before tease ppl~~oh ya~~those ppl hanging around u might be lala as well so u nvr ever noe non-seafood taste as well~~I really feel like throw an **updated** magazine on ur face n go back under ur sea forever~~!!!

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tony said...

Let's me think back of those so called japanese gals at ISOCK, Man they need a mirror, don you agree..LOLZ