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Monday, September 17, 2007


After couple days



There is always thousand tiny thingy that make u smile
instead of upset for a truth that we couldn't change so..

Don't you think so?

Special thanks:-

lovely brenda

and her again
This weekend v have been window shopping
(dunno y just middle of the month but im so broke just can do so)
Sorry mummy its time for bank-in again...oopss
Btw...v did alot chit chat in Coffee bean that v nvr chat b4...appreciate it lots
Perhaps after a while she graduated from Raffles
We only hang out much compared when v were in coll..
At least something..haha.....

Rohnie..my junior since secondary school
The one who always help us to fullfill our tummy..

until i becoming....

Mad Boxing chicken in Friendster cafe

Scared of purple thingy from William

From Penang to Kl to Damansara We did met lotsa personal problem...
Finally v back to who we used to be...
We used to be talk alot without thinking...
Last night v did too..
Btw...Rohnie you did changed lot..
The way u caring me..
Listening to me i did touch somehow..
Sorry for those so called 'lansi' thingy i did to you..haha...
p.s See you are a part of my blog too **wink**


One of my sista

Name : unknown

Age : secret

History :**HEAPS**

She is the one who know me well..

p.s won't kill me right?haha...

huh....that thing~haha

And finally...

Name: unknown

Age : confuse

Hobby : Tiak Tiak game

Ambition : Super model..


p.s Just for laugh...don sue me...hahahahhaa~~

love u guys..muackxxx


keith said...

hi peggy, u look gorgeous than before!! miss the time weve been togeher, and tat mr tiak tiak really make me laugh like so hai!

strawberry**vs**peggie said...

haha...well he gonn kill me soon..
wanna continue our tiak tiak game?