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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

she is a bitch~

pass few days
my housemate move out w/out informing us..and avoid to talk to us face to face with her moving plan too..
and its so well plan for her..
she told us she already found a replacement for next month..and this is wat she supposed to do too...its no problem for u to move out and found a replacement..
today v only realize its was a track of her~f**king bitch..
the management person she said who already found someone for replacement..
and she told us she nvr see her and dont know that she already move out too..what a fool~~
before that our house was a mess
and can u imagine she only cleaning for once or twice in one year?
This is true...and she nvr accept when v r complaining...v hv right to complain u such a rubbish bin~~!!that is also another reason y everyone try to ignore her...even her laundry smell ugly every moment when she hanging dry...it was so cool to YOU serena sitompul~~!!wat u trying to show all the world im talking bad stuff behind u?do u think u r thre right 1?u are smart to do all this irresponsible trouble to us...nth else to tell u...and wait for ur karma~~!!

1 comment:

Alex Chewing GUN said...

baby peg..serena is the bicth u talking abt?? i cant belive she really did this to u guys..